Since the clubs inception in 2014 Aveley Avengers JFC has continued to grow consistently over the past seven seasons. Below is some information about who has been such an important part in creating such a great football club.

YEAR President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Registrar Club Person Award Information
2014 Ross King Natasha Cheung Krista Bingham Cara Mansfield Marc Potter Chris Spencer
2015 Ross King Natasha Cheung Jahna Cedar Cara Mansfield Marc Potter Linda King
2016 Ross King Jeff Barry Nicole Barry Bayta Eaton Linda King Ross King
2017 Ross King Jeff Barry Batya Eaton Nicole Barry Linda King Batya Eaton
2018 Glenn Crotty Kevin Luck Tunya Fox Debb Searles Rosina Downing Nicole Wasley cropped-AVELEYJFC-logo-1.png
2019 Glenn Crotty Kevin Luck Carey Hodnett Sam Giles Rosina Downing Craig Johnson & Natasha Johnson cropped-AVELEYJFC-logo-1.png
2020 Glenn Crotty Kevin Luck Carey Hodnett Sam Giles Craig Johnson Carey Hodnett cropped-AVELEYJFC-logo-1.png
2021 Glenn Crotty Craig Johnson Nicole Carney Sam Giles Sean Hodnett Sharni Baxter & Chris Baxter AVELEYJFC-logo
2022 Glenn Crotty Craig Johnson Ryan Prentice Kylie McGrath Sean Hodnett Ryan Prentice AVELEYJFC-logo
2023 Sean Hodnett Ryan Prentice Jenee Martin Kylie McGrath Nicole Carney Peta Magorian and Craig Hilbert