Aveley JFC provides all equipment required for training, including footballs, bump bags etc.

For training days you wil be required to bring the following:
                      * Water Bottle
                      * Mouth Guard
                      * Football Boots
                      * Players can wear their own football jumpers,socks or                            shorts for training

For Junior football games, the club will provide a playing jumper which must be given back to the Team Manager at the end of each game.

As part of the fees, players will be supplied with socks, shorts and a club polo shirt. Socks and shorts must be worn to each game, with polo optional, but preferred.

Water bottles are provided for all players in each team by the club, but a player can bring their own if they wish.

Aveley JFC are fully committed to ensuring that players and families of our club can get the best experience that they can as part of our club. All coaches from Auskick to Junior levels undergo an accreditation process through the AFL and attend workshops during the season to achieve this. The workshops cover a range of topics including tackling, gameplay, training ideas, player development and other various aspects of the game. Please see below an extract from our coaching application form for what we expect from our Coaches and Team Managers. 

The Aveley Junior Football Club is committed to creating an environment where the players can enjoy themselves, learn to play football, develop skills, and have fun with their friends. The club promotes the values of respecting team mates, other players, coaches, officials, volunteers and all spectators. We encourage all players, sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play, and discourage unacceptable behaviour. This extends to all members of the AJFC.

To enable AJFC to continue to promote the above, all coaches must provide an environment where players can continually develop their skills, allow them to enjoy themselves, maximise game and training participation, and follow the AJFC Code of Conduct. Coaches must ensure that everyone is given the same opportunity to play in all positions on the ground, no matter the ability, and to spread game time evenly throughout the playing group.

The focus of the Coach and Manager is the development of our players, and not winning at all costs. While important to learn about winning and losing, the main aim is to develop and encourage our players to play to the best of their ability.

Coaches must be committed to keeping their accreditation current and attending sessions to help develop their skills, and Level 1 accreditation is a minimum requirement, in line with the year level that is to be coached. Coaches will be asked to abide by the Spirit of Junior Football and By-Laws when obtaining accreditation.

Throughout the season, AJFC is asked to attend various events including Information days, Gala days, Parade days, Coaching sessions & Fundraising events outside of the outlined training and game days. AJFC
requires the support of Coaches and Team Managers to attend, and to encourage members to attend these events when they arise.